Students Konnie taught as Instructor  from May 12th, 1918:

( May )Rowell,  Wright, Burton, Mechan C.D. Pratt,  Arthur,  Bamber,  Conran,  Wilson,  Lee   Class Picture
( June ) Edwards,  Vaughan,  Boyce,  Guy,  Cooke,  Bartlett,  Pocock,  Stuart,  McBain,  Stewart(?),  Phillip,  Harman crash,  Granger,  Simmons,  Kirby,  Mayer,  Wallace,  'Doc' Thompson,  Dudding,  MacEwen,  Paine  Class Picture
( July ) Bonnerjee,  Crancher,  Flight Sgt. Williams,  Hoyle,  Mayer,  Christie,  Kelly,  Rement,  Barber,  Helps,  Brown,  Sgt. Dickson,  Dobbie (Dobbie's Instructor's test)  Class Picture
( August ) Spaulding, Davies,  Hare,  Garrand,  Ivans,  Farley,  Capt.(Doc)Reid,  Delplain,  Ivars,  Harwood,  Nicholson,  Kennard
( September ) Rich,  Cowell,  Wright,  Capt. Ashmead
( October )Byron,  Fletcher,  Pratt,  Travers,  Lt. John,  Lt. Eastwood,  Shepherd,  Gibson,  Pratt.
After Armistice Day: Christie,  Davis,  Leigh,  Guthrie(Dec. 27th),  Oldfield and Birkan(Dec. 28th),  his last students of World War I.

In the Memoranda Pages at the back of the Diary:

Fellows I've met,  Instructors at various Squadrons

21 T.S. 58 T.S. A.F.S.
Capt. St. John Smith Parnell Rowell
Lieut. Calley Byron Atkins
Feather Cash Burton
Nicholson Lester Smythe Wedderburn
Foster West-White

Other Photos:
Matheson(double exposure)    Ashton    
Pool Flight A.F.S., Heliopolis

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